The 杰佛逊县 mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 provides conservation programming to all residents of 杰佛逊县, 肯塔基州. 在某些情况下, we partner with the USDA’s Natural 资源 Conservation Services to provide assistance.


Agricultural Districts

Assigning agricultural districts is a preservation program that protects farms from annexation and development. 拥有250英亩毗连土地的土地所有人或土地所有人团体可通过区办事处申请建立农业区. Agricultural Districts must be applied for every 5 years. 

艺术 & 写作比赛

由肯塔基州自然mg摆脱冰球突破手机版协会(KACD)支持的全州范围的竞赛,鼓励学生通过提交一篇艺术作品或写作来了解对mg摆脱冰球突破手机版的关注. Topics rotate annually between trees, soil, water and wildlife. The contest is open to all local public, private, and parochial schools, as well as homeschoolers. County winners go on to compete at a state level.


Applications for open agricultural burning are available through our office. Only individuals who are actively farming need to apply.

County Agricultural Investment Program (常熟饰件)

使之成为可能 肯塔基州 Agricultural Development Fund, 常熟饰件 is a cost share program that encourages landowners and producers to embrace new, innovative technologies that will improve farm efficiency and productivity while upholding conservation practices. 自然保育区每年都会召集申请人员,由一个小组评审申请,并决定如何分配资金.


The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 provides free cover crop seeds to be planted in high tunnels and community gardens. mg摆脱冰球突破手机版还举办讲习班和培训,教育人们认识到覆盖作物对培育健康土壤的重要性.

Continuous Conservation Reserves Program (CCRP)

持续保护mg摆脱冰球突破手机版计划允许土地所有者将符合条件的英亩纳入一个10至15年的计划,以帮助解决水质问题. The incentives for this program include: annual rental payments, 奖金, maintenance fees and cost-share for conservation practices.

Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP)

野生动物栖息地激励计划(WHIP)是一个志愿项目,面向那些希望主要在私人土地上开发和改善野生动物栖息地的人们. 通过鞭子, 美国农业部mg摆脱冰球突破手机版保护服务提供技术援助和高达75%的成本分担援助,以建立和改善鱼类和野生动物栖息地. USDA-NRCS和参与者之间的WHIP协议通常从协议签署之日起持续5至10年.

Environmental 教育

The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 provides free cover crop seeds to be planted in high tunnels and community gardens. mg摆脱冰球突破手机版还举办讲习班和培训,教育人们认识到覆盖作物对培育健康土壤的重要性.

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

The EQIP program is a state funded cost-share program that provides technical, financial and educational assistance to landowners. 该方案的目标受众主要是对mg摆脱冰球突破手机版有关注的牲畜生产者,这些关注可以通过实施土壤和水管理实践来解决. More than 20 best management practices are eligible for cost-share at a rate of 50 percent and above.


在全州范围内的竞赛中,学生在mg摆脱冰球突破手机版专业人员的支持下,以解决现实生活中的环境问题的方式进行训练. 杰佛逊县 does not currently have an Envirothon team, although we would like to form one, as identified in our long range plan.

设备 & 基础设施贷款

设备 and infrastructure loans are provided to landowners who qualify. These loans have a 1% interest rate for the purchase of heavy equipment used in conservation or infrastructure improvements.


mg摆脱冰球突破手机版每年的野外活动日为杰斐逊县居民提供了一个机会,让他们获得与杰斐逊县mg摆脱冰球突破手机版相关的实用知识. Field days provide demonstrations and hands-on learning led by local experts.


路易斯维尔城市入侵物种清除计划旨在清除杰斐逊县预定义区域的入侵物种. If you live within this area, you can submit an application to receive money to remove invasive species on your property. 入侵物种清除计划是通过美国农业部mg摆脱冰球突破手机版保护服务(NRCS)的专项EQIP基金实现的。.

肯塔基州 国家成本份额 Program

Funded by Tobacco Settlement Funds, this program was created by the KY. 帮助农业运作保护土壤和水资源,并实施农业水质计划. The program provides up to 75% cost share for landowners to address existing soil erosion, 水的质量, and other environmental problems associated with their farming or woodland 操作.

Louisville Regional Science &  工程公平

The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 participates in yearly judging of the annual science and engineering fair held in Louisville; focusing on categories specific to environmental science, mg摆脱冰球突破手机版, 农业, 等. The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 selects three winners and provides each with a certificate and monetary award. Students in grades 6-12 from 52 肯塔基州 counties may enter.

Master Conservationist Award

大师mg摆脱冰球突破手机版保护奖是颁给土地所有者个人土地管理工作的最高认可奖. Less than two percent of private landowners or farmers are recognized as Master Conservationists. To qualify for this award, 土地所有人必须完成其控制之土地百分之九十以上之水土保持计划. 这样做, 几乎所有的, if not all their land-based mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 are protected from serious degradation and are managed for sustainability.

Pollinator Seed Giveaway

The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 provides free local and native pollinator seed to County residents at outreach events. This is an effort to increase the native plant diversity in the County, specifically for the benefit of pollinators.

We also manage various pollinator gardens across the city, including in partnership with 杰佛逊县 Public Schools (JCPS).


The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 organizes, 促进, 并为该县居民举办雨桶工作坊,并以较低的价格向工作坊参与者提供雨桶和分流器套件. 雨桶工作坊在该县不同地区举办,为居民提供以较低成本使用雨桶的机会,并教导如何安装雨桶. 每个讲习班都包括与雨水有关的水质问题的教育,重点是杰斐逊县的水资源.


The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 provides vouchers for up to two soil tests a year to interested County residents. 指导居民如何采集土壤样本,然后通过杰斐逊县合作推广服务(CES)进行分析。. The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 also provides residents with up to one free lead contamination voucher per year.


The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 provides direct assistance for all programs, 倡议, 以及涉及已确定的资源问题,以协助居民在他们经营的土地上实施保护实践. Additionally, the mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 also assists with other activities to support the County.

Tree Seedling Giveaway

mg摆脱冰球突破手机版与县里的老师协调,将树苗分发给他们的学生去种植. The District distributes nearly 2,000 native tree seedlings every year. The students of Seneca High School’s FFA program help package trees.

Urban Agriculture Coalition (UAC)

mg摆脱冰球突破手机版与城市农业联盟进行了协调,目的是将杰斐逊县关注农业和生态学的个人和团体聚集在一起,在路易斯维尔创建一个公平和有弹性的粮食系统. The UAC supports expanding home and community based food production and distribution, providing agricultural education and resources, and restoring the relationships between our gardens and their communities and ecosystems.

Urban High Tunnel Initiative

mg摆脱冰球突破手机版保护服务环境质量激励计划(EQIP)提供成本分担资金,以支持那些希望通过安装mg摆脱冰球突破手机版来延长生长季节和提高作物生产率的农民. In partnership with NRCS, mg摆脱冰球突破手机版向路易斯维尔都市区内的费用分担接受者提供额外的赠款资金,以进一步降低mg摆脱冰球突破手机版的成本,并为作物灌溉提供用品. The mg摆脱冰球突破手机版 also provides technical assistance for high tunnel installation, 操作, 和维护.

Urban Homesteading Workshop

该mg摆脱冰球突破手机版与杰斐逊县合作推广服务(CES)合作,为生活在城市环境中的人们介绍自给自足的生活方式,包括自产食品生产和食品保存. Participants are instructed on a variety of topics in relation to starting a garden, 害虫管理, 土壤健康, 节约用水, 养鸡, 食物保存, 等. The workshop is 10 months, meeting twice a month.

Interested in a program?