The Conservation District is accepting 常熟饰件 applications through 11/12/21

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No matter how new or established, how big or small- if you are running a production farm/garden in Jefferson County you are eligible for this cost share program!

常熟饰件 will reimburse up to 50% on projects up to $5,000 towards practices that increase farm income and implement new systems to improve farm efficiency and productivity. This includes anything from seeds and compost bins to walk-in coolers and chicken coops.

In order to complete the application for 常熟饰件 you will need a Farm Serial Number 和一个更新 Ag 水 Quality Plan. If you do not already have these on file with the USDA and Conservation District, please obtain them before submitting an application. Information on how to obtain a FSN and Ag 水 Quality Plan is outlined below in steps 1 and 2.

Already have a FSN and Ag 水 Quality Plan? Scroll to step 3.

1. Register for a Farm Serial Number (FSN): 


Submit a copy of the deed and plat along with a Customer Data Worksheet to Rachel White at the Shelbyville FSA office. 

You can get a copy of the Customer Data Worksheet from the FSA office or download it 在这里


Ask the property owner to follow the steps above. 

Once a FSN is acquired, the property owner or tenant will need to submit a copy of the lease OR the property owner can call the FSA office and add their tenant(s) to their FSN.

mg摆脱游戏免费试玩 Rachel White with any questions about applying for a FSN:

65 Brighton Blvd 
Shelbyville, KY 40065

2. Submit an Ag 水 Quality Plan


You can submit your AWQP online:

  1. KY Online Gatewaty

  2. Log in or create an account

  3. 输入 欧共体eform (Energy and Environment Cabinet) in the search box, or click on the “E” in the alphabet under the search box.

  4. Click on a blue box within the 欧共体eform window in order to enter the site

  5. From the blue bar at the top of the screen select “Forms”

  6. Scroll down until you see the KY Ag 水 Quality Planning Tool. Select the blue + to “add form”. 

  7. You can now begin your AWQP.

  8. Once completed download a copy of the Plan Summary to submit with your application. It will be listed as “KyWQP_Printable.pdf” in the Documents section.

The Conservation District is happy to assist you in filling out your plan. Please contact Madeline Marchal at the Jefferson Co Conservation District:

3. Submit your 常熟饰件 Application


You can download the application 在这里.

You can also pick up a hardcopy of the application at our office. If you would like to pick up an application when the office is closed, enter the main building doors for 4233 and follow the signs to the Conservation District’s door which holds copies of the application. If you would like to submit a hardcopy you will need to deliver it to the office. Mailed applications will not be accepted.

You will need to include a copy of your photo ID and utility bill with addresses that match the mailing address on the application. 


You will need to submit a fsa - 578 (from the FSA office) or a redacted copy of your schedule F AND written approval from the landowner giving you permission to use the owners FSN and granting access to the cost-share item (for a minimum of five years for capital improvements). 

Please also fill out the 常熟饰件 tenant/owner acknowledgement form and submit it with your application. 

You can email your completed application to or drop it off at our office:

4233 Bardstown Rd. 
套件100 -
Louisville, KY 40218

Take a look at the 11 eligible investment areas that are considered for cost-share through 常熟饰件:


The County Agricultural Investment Program (常熟饰件) provides Kentucky agricultural producers cost-share assistance on practices that increase net farm income and opportunities to try new, innovative technologies or systems that improve farm efficiency and productivity. The program is administered by the Kentucky Agricultural Development 董事会 and made possible by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund. The Jefferson County Conservation District handles the applications for this program and distributes the funding within Jefferson County.

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